Customer Care

We would like you to find your dealings with 118 118 positive and enjoyable. We are committed to providing you with the highest possible standard of service in our power.

Contact us using the following details should you have any queries about our 118118 directory enquiries service, or any of our other 118 numbers.

Our Customer Care Team is available Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm on the free-phone number listed below. Calls to this number at any other time will be answered by a member of the call centre who will pass on the details to the Customer Care team for response.

Telephone: 0800 3891 118

Alternatively, you can email your request to the email address below. Upon receipt, we will send you an automatically generated email to let you know we have received the email. Your request will then be passed to a member of the Customer Care team for investigation.


The Number UK Ltd is responsible for Customer Care but we use a sub-contractor, VeriCall Ltd for call handling and customer care related to our 118 services.  As VeriCall manage our Customer Care team, they will be the first point of call for any complaints or refund requests about our 118 numbers but they will involve TNUK should the refund request require further assistance, or if they require additional approval if the value is over £10.

All data provided to VeriCall, and exchanged with TNUK where necessary, is protected by appropriate technical security measures. Our Privacy Policy contains further information and can be found on our Site Policies page here.